Can't get a good cut with a 60 degree V Bit

Hi All;

I’m struggling to carve the word “Chesapeake” with a 60 degree V bit. I’m doing a fill cut. The first board worked out okay, the second one I cut - everything is the same, it won’t cut the letters deep enough.

The letters come out not fully carved. I’ve tried changing the depth, tripled check my Z but I can’t get them to carve well enough that you can tell what the letters are.

Any thoughts?

Pictures would help to diagnose.

Are you sure the board you are cutting is a constant thickness and that your wasteboard is perfectly flat and level with respect to your spindle? If you don’t know you should you surface your wasteboard by doing a skim cut over the surface.

When I first read your reply I thought of course my wasteboard is level.

And then I checked…thank you!

Problem solved.

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New this stuff, what is a waste board? New terminology

Waste board - spoil board - sacrificial board
A surface to machine on top of that is expendable.

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I am having the same issue, however my wasteboard is level and my cutting piece is a constant thickness. No matter what I set my cut depth to, my Z always cuts at the same depth and it is not deep enough. I have also checked my bit and collet tightness. Any other suggestions?

You can run a test piece.