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Can't get a square/straight cut

I have recently upgraded my XC 1000mm with the new motors and Z-axis, and I’m using Easel Pro. I have squared everything and triple checked. I ran a carve that cut a template piece diagonal from corner to corner – it was supposed to be a straight line – but it has curve in it. I checked my machine’s square cut by carving a 3x4x5 triangle and sure enough, not square, measurements don’t add up. I have checked all structural squareness and everything is still 90 all around. I’ve watched too many videos instructing me how to square all axis, and have gone through the process. It almost seems as if one motor steps faster than the other somewhere. Anyone having this issue?


You may have a square frame, but parallelogram movement. Gantry movement is more important than a square frame, so I would adjust the frame purposely skewed out of square until you obtain perpendicular axis movement.

where did your motors and Gt2 pulleys and/or gears come from???

I will give that a shot.

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The Inventables X-Carve upgrade.