Can't get fusion 360

So I have read numerous times from many of you that fusion 360 is free to hobbyists. (and I would really like to try to learn it)
However, whenever I go to their website, they want either $40.00 per month or $300.00 per year.
What am I doing wrong?

it is there and is free but you have to dig a little to get it. kind of a pain

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Sorry, I know you guys helped me before and I will try it again.

Yes I believe it was too - you specify type of subscription during the Sign-in process.

Thanks guys.
I will try it again this evening.

This is what I get.

That’s what I’m trying to say.
First you have to register.
This is the screen that pops up, and these are my choices.
I do not qualify for any of them.

To activate Start-Up or Educational licensing, you must download install Fusion 360 from the Autodesk website or the Autodesk Education Website.

Start-Up or Educational licensing is not available through the Mac Apple Store. If you have installed Fusion 360 via the Mac Apple Store, perform a clean uninstall of Fusion 360 and then re-install directly from the Autodesk website or the Autodesk Education website.

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Occasionally :slight_smile:

Ohh,I think I found it.
But I’m still at work.
Can you download it to two different computers with the same registration?
If not, then I will have to wait until I get home.
Thanks for the help.


I have it installed on two computers with no issue.

If remember correctly when Amazon has their special sales a couple of times a year, they have the subscription for an incredibly low price of around $25. It’s the first thing I look for when their sales run.

Well I definitely fit into that category :grinning:

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