Cant get Homing Switches/Z Probe to work

I am in the final stages of building my X-carve and have been having trouble in set-up.

In setting up the homing switches the Z-axis does not recognize as being tripped. Since that one won’t trip I couldn’t tell you if the X and Y work. Checked all my connections and still nothing, I have to E-stop it so I don’t do damage. Finally gave up on that for the moment and went to the Z-probe.

Plugged Z-probe into the socket, clipped the alligator clip onto the collet, and when I touch the plate to the collet nothing.

All the wiring for the limit switches and z-probe terminate in the same connector. Do I have a faulty connector, or did I screw something else up in the set up?

Check your Xcontroller ribbon cables. The ribbon cable from the power interface board to the main board sends all those signals. The cables aren’t fully seated sometimes even if the retaining clips appear locked. Double check both the front and back cables.

Thanks! That worked, I should have known the error was between my ears. The ribbon cable that connects to the driver controller board was not depressed enough even though the locks were pushed in.