Cant home - belt clips stop X carve from hitting x homing

As the title says, all homing works except X, with the machine stopping on the belt clips (which are snug against the metal plates on both sides) before it comes anywhere close to hitting the homing switch. It’s well over an inch away at this point.

This is after doing both belt and Z upgrades to a 2020 machine. Has anyone else had this problem?

Can you move the screw and bumper spacer away from the belt clips? I had to do this on my machine during the conversion from a Shapeoko2 to X carve.spacer


You can also remove the brackets and replace them with small zip ties around both parts of the belt. They are less bulky and allow the carriage to pass over them

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that’s the way to go , i had same problem

You can also move the stops back slightly

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