Can't Login to Easel / Page Redirect

Hi everyone. Relatively new to the X-Carve world, I just finished building my machine last week and now I’m trying to login to Easel. I was able to login once and attempted to go through the machine setup process, but never finished. However, when I went to login to Easel today it asks me to “Sign in Through Inventables” and when I click the link it just keeps redirecting me to the same login page. I’m using Safari on a MacBook and I’ve tried restarting my computer and also downloaded Firefox to see if it were a browser issue to no avail.

Is there something I’m missing here? Thanks.

Just wanted to also add that I tried another computer at home (an iMac) and got the same result.

I just was able to get in and set up a new project. It sounds like a computer issue at your end. I’m using MS edge.

I’m on a MacBook Pro using Safari and it just worked for me.

Any ideas what it may be? Couldn’t find any relevant Safari settings that would prevent accessing the site and fiddle around with a few just in case. Just tried again and same result. It says “Not Secure” at the top so not sure if that has something to do with it.

So if I log out of my account on Inventables then go to the “Easel App” link at the bottom of the webpage and then click on the “Sign in through Inventables” link, it will take me to the sign in page. When I enter my login info it takes me right back to the Easel sign in page. When I click the sign in link again it just refreshes the page?

I have found I have to use a non-secure access to the website for it to work. That would be an http session not https. You might look at security settings on Safari as it may force a secure session.

So I think I finally determined the issue. The only thing I’ve done different since last night when I last attempted it was I made sure I had the latest version of Adobe Flash player installed. I previously had the NPAPI Plug-in installed for my Mac. I updated that and also installed the latest PPAPI plug-in for Adobe. I have no idea what that means, but it was either updating it or adding the PPAPI version that seems to have done the trick. Just wanted to pass this info along in case it may be useful to someone else. I’m now able to login to Easel and it no longer continues to redirect me.