Cant make circles or triangels update

that’s supposed to be two triangles and a circle, i tried tighten the belts and adjust the motors without any change, any ideas what it could be?

update, i checked the pulleys and they were stiff with no free movement, i tried tighten them to see if the screws were loose but they wasn’t i checked the v wheels and they seemed to be ok, i then tried to mill a square and it looked okay then i tried to make a circle and suddenly it makes circles that looks like circles, any ideas what could have fixed the problem?

Check your pullys

What David said - check your pulleys

Bottom left of the triangle tells the story…

edit: typo

By “check your pulleys” = take them off, make sure the set screws engage the shaft flat spot, put Loctite on the set screws and fasten them again.

Your system is clearly looking steps, most likely due to the above.

Do you have the same problem with squares? Try running a simple square with 2 - 3 depth passes. You will easily be able to see if the problem is with the X or Y axis and work from there. It’s difficult to troubleshoot complex shapes.