Cant make this run please see EASEL file

this will not load, wont run toolpaths and freeaes browser when you hit carve, any suggestions? sorry for multiple posts, but Im on limited time and this is KILLING me,

Got to share your project so we can see it.

does the link not work?

no, says need to share


Looks like your choking Easel with your 1.8mm cut on nearly the entire piece. You sure this is what you wanted to do? If I “0” out back ground and set others to a small doc, it loads tool paths.

I also can’t see all the fine raised lines of the trucks working at all. I would consider cutting them into material along with everything else that you have.

Did you just change the file? Now it shows all is cut from material and not left raised.

Your new file shows paths now, but you have 3 squares along the bottom and one on the left top. You sure about those?

It is supposed to be a .25 clearing pass and then 1.8mm detail, I went to a full redo. With only the ribbon and a circle around the columbus. Oh. Pocketed. Running it all with a 1.5mm bit. Its going to take forever. But I had to get this one done. Im not real happy about it all. But had to get it going.

Good luck!

Its still going, 12 + hours later, what a disaster, i have to be able to have the multipass. But, it looks good… hah. So…

Computer froze after 17 hrs, ohhh. My, anyway, restarted with .25 clearing pass, and reduced depth. It shouldn’t be this difficult.