Can't open Easel Local! Any ideas, please?

Stuck at stage one - downloaded the zip file (7 times!) and tried every possible way of opening it that I can think of. All I get is ‘application not found’

Firefox on Windows 7

Any thoughts gratefully received


Can you post a screenshot of what you see? You should only run the installer, you should not open any application (EaselLocal runs in the background and has no interface or anything). After running the installer, does Easel (the web app) recognize that you’ve installed it or does it keep prompting you to install it?

Thanks Paul, I’m trying to do just that but I’ve just been informed that my photo-editer programme is a pirate copy (I didn’t know) so I have to sort that out efore I can do anything else. In the meantime the on-screen helper person suggests I should restart the computer in case that helps, but I can’t do that because my new version of Corel is still trying to install… Ho humm, life gets tedious sometimes.

Ah sorry!

If you need more support, I recommend asking our wonderful and infinitely wise support team directly. They’ll get you sorted. Options for contacting them on the bottom of the support tab: