Can't see or load the "work table"

Not sure what happened… but my worktable in easel is not there and I have done everything to retrieve it. If I go to an old project and try to load it it never opens.

I was able to open the workbench on another PC, but when I try to save the file it fails… any thoughts on what I have done?

me too

Same here. All the left side shows is blue background…

mine wont scroll at all its all the way up

is 3.9 working?

working fine

Possibly, I’m flashed to the latest firmware and on the latest driver.

EaselLocal has no bearing on whether the design site will load or show the “work table”. You can use the website without EaselLocal installed.

If you’re having difficulties loading the design pages, clear your cache, reboot your computer, or even reboot your internet connection.

As for v1.1f, I ran 8 hours of 3D carving with UGS and didn’t have a single hiccup from a GRBL perspective (UGS bugs and collet tightness don’t count). Others have reported issues but it runs good for me.

GRBL v1.1f requires a newer Easel but Easel doesn’t require any specific version of GRBL. The newer Easel supports the newer GRBL version but it also supports the older GRBL versions as well.

easel won’t open the g-code file, it just gets stuck on validating.

thanks, it works in chrome

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