Can't Solve issue

Starts out cutting perfect then it’s like the depth changes. I have tightened all the wheels some seemed to be a little loose.


Do you have an X controller or an Arduino and gshield? If the Arduino/gshield have you adjusted your motor pots?

X Controller it’s so random.IMG_0220

I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the xcontroller, so I don’t know if it has any adjustments you can do, although I’m sure someone will be able to help you.

It looks like you are losing steps somewhere along the Z axis moving up and down. With the older style controller this could happen if your motors were getting too much or too little power.
I’m sure people have had similar issues due to the z axis vwheels being far too tight, or the two bolts holding the acme nut onto the spindle mount being too tight.

I think there was also someone that didn’t have the nut on top of their acme screw properly tightened which allowed it to move up slightly when it shouldn’t be able to

Aaand I miss out the most obvious suggestion…

Lucky Bobs here

I will check.

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I did the set screws and tightened the nut tweeked here and there.Z axis somethings up. Phil been carving for almost a year and suddenly this issue comes up do you have a video on setting potentiometers? is this good?

Hmm that sounds more like a loose “something” than a pot setting (if it was a current issue it should have been more problematic)

So you have checked and double check the mechanicals. Wheels, nuts, pulleys and set screws…
Check the belt for damaged teeth.
Check the wires for a loose connection. Don’t trust visual, actually tug each wire.
Take a close look at your Z axis. You might even want to tear it down to check things. You could have a worn out derlin nut. Or a stretched out bolt hole (Happened on mine)

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1st Picture the way it was cutting
2nd Picture 1st potentiometer Adjustment
3rd Picture after3rd adjustment of potentiometers
Problem solved