Captured my heart project

So I have seen a couple of makers on here create a project like the one on the Vectic website called “you’ve captured my heart”. The vectric site says it is from 2011 and required aspire. My question to any current version V carve users is can this project now be made in V carve, either desktop or pro?

Won’t work with Vcarve. Extention “crv3d” requires Aspire.

Thanks for confirming Alan.

There is. If someone have Aspire, can triangulate/export as stp file which readable by Vcarve.

Someone just posted one not that long ago but I can’t find the post.

Capture MyHearth.stl (4.1 MB)



Pretty awesome Alan. Thanks!

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Alan, you da’ man. Thanks!

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So I ended up making my own iteration of this piece as a ring carrier for my 10th anniversary…

Thanks to all the good peeps on here tht helped me figure it out. I owe you one.