Carbide Burrs

Had someone give me a nice set of 16 carbide burrs today after telling him about my X-Carve. He said he used them mostly on metal, but they work for about anything. He said I should try them out. I’ve never used, or even seen, these tools before, so I am a bit clueless.

Has anyone used these on an X-Carve? Can they be? If so, what would you use them on?


Burrs are mostly used in hand-held tools such as die grinders or the more modern Dremel style tools.

I’ve never seen them used in a fixed machine, however I trained in metals not wood, so maybe try them out on some waste stock.

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I just had this discussion yesterday about using a carbide burr to cut metals. I think it just migt work because they are meant to be ran in the speed range of what the trim routers run at vs. the milling bits made for a much lower rpm. If I can find the rite one after work today I will be running some test to see what happens.

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Eye protection is a must. I always hated burrs because of the wicked metal splinters they produced.

That’s pretty much what my friend was saying too, Shane. If you find one, let us know how it turns out.

Ok not what i wanted but i did find a .125 burr after work so headed to the shop for testing. Will put up a vid when finished

I used 1/8 and 1/4 burrs on MDF, solid wood, Plywood. They make lots off mess but they make very clean cut.
The only ones I used were from our forums favorite supplier:

I have these and have ordered more. Work good on mild steel but died on the harder metal of the saw blade.

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Have not really tried much on wood but broke the one i did try I would say due to operator error.

Don’t remember on all just the most recent one. The bit was .061 ipm 7 and doc. .003 if memory serves me correct.

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I’ve just seen a Youtube video in which a guy uses a diamond burr to cut curves in glass. But I’d expect carbide to do the trick too, if maybe not for as long. Somebody should try it :wink:

Tried the carbide on glass a few days back. lost of chipping and the burr lost it’s edge about half way through.

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About Tungsten Burrs

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