Carbide Create Advanced V-Carve Toolpath

I read on Reddit that Carbide Create is giving away one-year free PRO licences, so decided to have a play with it. In the toolpath tab there is one called Advanced V-Carve which allows you to use two bits, however it seems to do it all in one toolpath, which means you can’t actually change bits when importing into Easel. (I tried and it was all one cut).
Has anybody used this and is there something obvious in the g-code (maybe a tool change command or something) where you could split the file?
I have only had a quick play, so might be mistaken, but I thought no harm in asking in case somebody has already used this.
I also play around a bit with F-Engrave, so if it’s not possible in Carbide Create I’ll just keep working on understanding that a bit better.
Thanks in advance for any opinions.

What post processor did you use?
Can you share the gcode?

There’a only a couple that aren’t for Shapeoko machines, I used their GRBL post processor.

Here’s some of the G code, I didn’t include all the movements and G0 commands as there are pages of them. T102 and T302 are codes they have for their different mills.

(Advanced …)
M0 ;T102

(Advanced …)
M0 ;T302


At guess I could split this into two where it says
(Advanced …)
M0 ;T302
S18000 and add the codes for raise Z, go home, and finish at the end of the first part. The M0 and F308 are all I need to start the second part, I think? The S1800 command is just ignored, isn’t it?

M0 is just a pause. Are you using Easel to send the gcode?
S18000 is a spindle speed command.

You should just be able to split it. I don’t think easel requires any “end of program” command as it does it’s own thing. It would be good practice to add an M2 at the end of the first operation. It’s already got the retract to half inch.

At the moment I’m just experimenting, I ran it through Easel simulation but not connected to the machine. I also have UGS if that’s more recommendable in this case.

The best option if you want to do toolchanges would be CNCjs.

Check out my thread (it’s a long road) on the Carbide 3D forum.


That’s pretty spectacular Neil. Thanks for sharing.

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@MichaelColey Thanks. It’s changed the way I look at projects when I don’t have to worry about Z height issues on tool changes. Let me know if you have questions.

Really interesting, I have the original G-shield controller that you had to solder the pins on. I made a real mess of that and never got all the homing switches to work, so I don’t use them. I’ll have to try out if the probing connector functions, and if it does will make the effort to try out CNCjs. I had a look at at it, but at that point just stuck with Easel (laziness) and UGS when Easel doesn’t work for me.
I especially liked that you didn’t need the z probe in your video, as I don’t have one.

My favorite “z-probe” has always been aluminum foil. Not sure the video you saw, but it may have been the one where I just grabbed a steel strap from my garage junk.

I’ll have to put this on hold, it seems there isn’t a probe connection on the gshield, I’d have to pull it off the Arduino and connect directly to that under where the stepper wires come out. I don’t feel so confident to try that.