Carve Again, Park Machine tooltip, Carve End Screen

I love Easel. It’s easy to create but it’s becoming more and more annoying

The removal of the carve again function was a shame. This streamlined the detail pass of carves. I’m guessing it was replaced with the Park Machine feature. Which is nice in certain situations. The main issue I have with this is going to click the button and the tooltip overshadows it. I end up exiting that popup window and starting another process. Doing so makes that feature useless to me.

I have several projects I use multiple files for. It’s easier to open several windows and carve from them. I don’t always remember the end carve window popping up on every darn tab. This just seems like a waste of time and an annoyance. But it’s still quicker than opening up the project when I’m ready for it.

The hold mouse down and select feature seems to be grabbing too much. I know that must have changed recently. I’ve tried to click hold and moving to the right and left. It always grabs extra that’s nowhere near the vector I’m on. I have shift-click them off, vs clicking extra on.

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