Carve Button Doesn't show up

Suddenly when I go through all the steps to start a carve and click on Spindle is On the carve button doesn’t show up and the software just hangs up. I am running Easel Pro on a MAC mini and have never had a problem until today. Any suggestions? I tried restarting all the software and rebooting the computer but no luck. My mouse charge was low so I switched to a trackpad, changed the batteries in that, charged the mouse and retried them both but again no joy.

Does this happen on all carves, or just a specific file? I’ve had this happen where a 3D carve pass is too big for the machine to handle…

I discovered the problem. Embarrassing as it is to say, I have scroll down now to reveal the carve button where as I didn’t before. In my defense though, when this was happening, the computer was not responsive to my actions as I did try to scroll down before but couldn’t. In addition ares on the screen we’re highlighted as if I had selected them when I hadn’t. Yesterday after fully charging the mouse and rebooting the system ( and yes, I did try that before) everything is working fine. Had previously downloaded the latest drivers(which didn’t change anything at the time) but perhaps that helped as well. Still a mystery but all’s well that ends well.

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