Carve Depth doesn't match and Tabs are being cut through

I’m trying to carve Halloween lanterns. The carve depth is carving way deeper than my material. It is cutting down deep into my waste board. I added MDF strips to my waste board to protect the original waste board.

It is also cutting through my tabs. This is a copy of a project somebody else shared so I don’t know if that is part of the issue. I have looked until my eyes hurt.

Here is where I published the Project: Halloween light 1 | Inventables

Have you calibrated your Z axis?
Did you verify your material thickness with Calipers? (I set mine .03 more than material thickness)
How are you setting your Z point? Probe or manually?


I don’t know how to calibrate the z axis. I may need to since I added the MDF strips on my waste board. I do use calipers to verify thickness. I set my Z point using the probe.

Have you checked whether the Z-Probe height specified in your Easel machine configuration matches that of your actual Z-Probe?

Here is a good video by @PhillipLunsford for calibration.


Brandon Parker

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