Carve goes haywire. Cutting strait down

During my carve 85% through the carve My CNC just started to cut strait down. Burning and cutting like it was trying to get to Hell. Anyone ever had that happen?

I’ve seen it happen to others, when they loose communication to the CNC, and then the $1 is not set to =255 which would have caused it to hold position even after a loss of comms.

Is your $1=255?

Did your carve fail and loose communications? (you could see this in machine inspector what part of the carve got sent last an whether there were any errors)

A loss of comms could be caused by USB selective suspend (this is hidden within the advanced settings in Power saving, even if all other power saving is turned off) OR another common issue is a static shock also causing comms to momentary drop out…

Another possible culprit, a single bad wire to the Z-stepper. (4 in total, forming two pairs)
If any one single wire have poor/no contact, the stepper will step at normal power but direction is lost and it will most likely go in the direction of least resistance, hence down.

@SteveRoberts if your still having issues feel free to reach out to us directly ( so we can get you sorted!