Carve inside bowl

  1. I make the bowls in the image below. I want to carve an image in the bottom of it. I was thinking I could just say my material is 1/4" thick and set the work zero point inside the edge of the bowl. I don’t know is there is a better way to do it. This bowl is about 15’ X 9’ x 1.5". The image I want to engrave is about 4" x 5".

  2. I currently cut the shape of the bowl on my bandsaw, then route out the inside by hand. Again, not sure if there is a better way to do this with the xCarve. Problem I found is I use 2" thick stock and installing a bit long enough to get through the entire 2" doesn’t leave enough clearance for the spindle to move over the work piece. Seems like I am almost limited to only use thinner stock on the xCarve when attempting to carve all the way through. I did raise the router within the carriage to try to make it work, but I don’t know if that is safe or recommended.

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Be careful that the software knows how high the sides are so that it will clear the side when moving to do the engrave. Also, watch out for what happens at the end when the bit tries to go back to machine home.

Is there a process for setting up this type of carve that will identify the height of the sides? I am new to Easel and CNC and not familiar with all the capabilities of the software.

In easel go to “Machine” click “advanced” on the lower right of the pull down and you will see a bunch of settings. I think “Safety Height” is what you want and that needs to be higher than the edge of your dish.

Experiment with some scrap before you try this on your nice project.

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Safety Height is what you need to adjust, In easel you have to change it every time you do a carve it doesn’t “remember” the setting from carve to carve. You could carve the pocket then cut the perimeter at 1" to 1-1/4" deep then finish it on your band saw. The only other way is to upgrade your machine with risers and buy the appropriate bit. Steve

When a carve finishes the spindle goes to material zero not home.
If you make your design centered on x0 y0 and then set up with your material zero in the center of your bowl you would not have to worry about height of sides, providing your design fits within the bowl.
Paw Paws work shop has a video showing centered design.

I would still set the safety height. Because this design is not square, I would worry that Easel might send the bit through the side if the tool path picked up at the tail and moved to the nose. Also, remember the collet nut needs to have space too. You will not be able to carve very near the rim unless you have a very long endmill.

I made a dish and carved in the flat interior like you’re wanting to do (see here: Prints and Poop (Kimberly's Corner)). After making the bowl and staining it, I made the face design in Easel, centered around 0,0, then homed my spindle to the center of where I wanted the face to be. Before I carved I ran the simulation as a precaution, but I didn’t have to worry… the spindle never traveled so far that it could touch the sides of the bowl.