Carve issues

I know someone posted something a few days ago on this issue, but I cannot find it. Lately, when carving out large pockets, I get this ridge in the middle. Today, the carving was level in the center and the outside of the pocket, but a ridge appeared in the middle the further it got from center.
What causes this and how can I minimize/eliminate this from happening?

I have not seen a result like that. I can’t even guess what the cause is. I’ll be following your thread to see what the consensus is. Are you using Easel, or other software?

V-Carve & Easel.

Every thing is tight. No movement.

@RaulFuster Are you running the DeWalt? What bit were you using? Maybe a loose bit?

1/8 mill bit. Yes, I am using the DeWalt. I checked the bit when I checked the acme rod. It was not loose. I even changed to my 1/8 downcut bit that is 1/4. No luck.

It also could be your feed rate and depth as well might be to aggressive. I was having similar problems and I think it was a combination of that as well as z movement like Phil said, I wound up upgrading to the linear z rail and I’ve had way more success with smooth pockets, way more than I ever did with the stock z axis.

@RaulFuster Are you using dust collection? Maybe your dust shoe/collection hose is pulling on your machine.

Issue is a simple fix. @NeilFerreri1 yes it has to do with the dust collection, but not the hose. It has to do with the boot and the bristles. They are so stiff that if you put the dust collection where the bristles are pressed against the material, then when it changes direction the bristles change will slightly push up on the entire axis and it is not visible.
Thank you all for the help.