Carve King

Hi, is there any plan to include the MillRight Carve King specifications in the Easel pull down list any time soon? The MillRight X3 is in there but it has very different specs.

Cheers Don

Can’t you choose any generic grbl machine? What does choosing a specific machine get you?

The only this the Easel machine presets provide are default values for the GRBL parameters for Xcarve.
The communication protocol is GRBL which your machine also use.

So, simply hook you machine up, as if it is an Xcarve, and test direction and accuracy.
Its likely you’ll need to edit some of the GRBL parameters, primarely $100-102, $110-112 and $120-122 which is easy enough.

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Hi Neil,

I am totally new to CNCing so please forgive my ignorance. I have been using a generic grbl machine, and choosing other for the make. My question is that I am unsure about the specification for the rail length and what this does to the machine set up. The only options are 500mm or 750mm and the CarveKing has a rail of 600mm. I normally choose to overestimate the rail length as this seems logically to be better than underestimating. However, I an not sure what this spec means to how the maching functions with grbl code.

I hope this makes sense.

Cheers, Don

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Hi Haldor,

Thanks for the feedback, but i’m not sure i’m up to editing the grbl code yet. Sill a beginner trying to learn.

Cheers, Don

No need for forgiveness. I don’t know what the machine setup really does. Last time I used Easel was before they had all the options. The only thing that mattered back then we if you had a Carvey or not. I used it with a wide variety of grbl based machines and it never used to matter.
I was generally curious. If it doesn’t update your grbl settings on it’s own, I can’t see that it would matter. Just make sure your job did within the machine envelope.
If it’s already working, I wouldn’t change anything.

Don, no worries - we have all been there and none of us are done learning :wink:

If your machine…
A) Move in the correct direction
B) Jog/Carve to correct dimension
…you are good. Rest is finer details.

The machine dimensions you mention have a prerequisite, **Homing switches and Soft limits enabled
Only then do the machine size matter.
Open Easel, press keyboard CTRL+SHIFT+D and a window named Machine Inspector will pop up.
In the textbox called Console write $$ and press Enter
A list of $-values will display, these are the GRBL parameters aka rules your machine abide to.

Post there here :slight_smile: (Copy/paste)

Do you have homing switches on your machine?