Carve not following easel

ok so i set up the machine i think correct i have it setup to carve a 30x30 board but when it does the carve it does not use like 4 inches of the right side does anybody have any surgestions for

here are pics to maybe understand better

Is the board actually 30x30?
what are your easel material dimensions in the upper right corner?

hey I asked part of that already!! :wink:

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that or a wire is coming loose. same has happened to me once when a wire was working its way loose.

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I have the machine set for 30x30 and the material set for 24x30

how do you bump up potentiometer?

Check your X axis stepper motor wiring. You definitely lost steps. Did you maybe hit a clamp somewhere? I hit a clamp and lost steps once.

Ok just fig it out can’t believe I didn’t check on step up I had the thing with all the wires in it I had it to far left so it would not let it go all the way over to the right doing a test now seems to be all ok thank you everyone for your time and support new to all this stuff with out this forum I think I might have thrown this thing out