Carve not lined up

ok so i cut out to piece of wood and then cut out the board with the same line graph and when i go to put the 2 together the it dosent line up right

there must by way too much flex in your machine.
I assume the line piece is supposed to be consistent in width. Just from the pics it is way off.

So i’d say get your machine tuned properly first.

I concur, I would think the white line dont align due to the inconsistent width of the red wood due to that.

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If you are cutting the walnut stripped board right through, then this video might be applicable to you.

If you are doing an inlay, then I would follow the suggestions already offered above.


The wood inlay is wider than the bit used for the curved cut, thus your wood is ‘stacked’ instead of being lined up.


I cut a lot of segmented pens and bowls. It is key that the wood removed is exactly the same as the new wood or inlay that is put in its place