Carve not same depth on Y axis run left to right

The carving on my last several pieces have had a depth issue with it is going from left to right. I attached photo to view. As you can see the letters are getting deeper as you go to the right.

Board clamped flat, machine only 3 months old, waste board level, bars level, z-axis is square.

I am completely clueless

Sorry that your running into this. Do you have the same problem on multiple designs?

Also feel free to reach out to support directly

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yea, it is every work piece at any position on the table. it always cuts deeper on the right side

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but mine did the same thing until I added a piece of MDF as my spoil board, since I refuse to “spoil my spoil board” (yeah laugh) MDF is (or was) cheap. I generally use a playing card to test the levelness of the board or piece being cut, lower the “Z” to just touch the card, and create drag. Start at the far left side, and jog your “X” right in inch increments all the way to the other side of the spoil board. (with the playing card under the bit) Is the tension on the playing card (feeling by hand) the same? If yes, put your piece of wood down, and do the same thing. Sounds like one of the other is off, and I bet its the spoil board, cause my right side had the same issue.

Material surface not parallell with your Z-height.

Either the material itself isnt consistent in thickness AND/OR the wasteboard isnt parallell to Z either.
Fine text V-carving is very unforgiving in this scenario.

Add a separate MDF board on top of your wasteboard, skim cut it => truly aligned with Z.
Now clamp a piece of wood on top of that and try again.