Carve off path and returns to dif home

Hi Guys, So i am wondering if anyone has had this issue. My carving goes way off the path…and when I stop it, the router goes to a different home from where it started. I start home on the far lower-left corner, but it returns to the far left corner past the board and original home. The attached picture is my test board, but you can see where the caliper carving goes way off.

Test board

I have this issue too, it is loosing steps as you go and thinks the tool is where it’s not. I started by readjusting the belts tension, and I adjusted the pots in y g-shield. This is on the old version of the X-carve, if you have the x-controller I don’t know if you still need to adjust the voltages. It’s still not spot on, but I’m getting closer.

@MikeByrne Thank you! This is a great help.