Carve randomly stopping through a project

Well today I lost 6 hours of work due to my machine randomly stopping… everything was going fine doing my 3d finishing pass on a large 3d file. Mind you I wish I had a larger bit to cut on carving time. Anyways about 62% through the carve (about 7 hours or so in and the machine stops… The router is still going but no movement on the axis. I tried clicking pause or play but nothing… so I go on the pc and click pause on there and it just blanks out… Anyways very frustrating… The only thing I can think of is because the amount of time it froze or timed out randomly… It’s going to be a long night

I really wish there was a way that if your project was at say 62% you could at least start it off at 40% or something…

On a side note any recommendations for a bit to do 3d in larger sections?

so the powered usb hub connects to the xcontroller and that helped?

You can cheat that by editing out the “prior to stop” g-gode found on the .nc-file.
You will not be able to resume at exact stop point but you could avoid the bulk of your 6-7hr window that did carve ok.
A known zero point will be required.

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@HaldorLonningdal…Could you please elaborate more on this. I’ve had the problem of restarting a couple of times and every time I’ve had to re-start from the beginning.