Carve stops following path half way through carve

Hi guys, first test carve and half way through carve decides to stop following route and just does some random slots. Repeated couple of times on different sketches and does same thing. Confident with easel so I think it’s a wiring problem. Y axis seems to stop moving, but works fine for first half of carve. Have attached some images.

Help much appreciated


x-controller or older electronic controller? when I first built and tested mine did the exact same and the motors were not getting enough current. adjusted the potentiometer’s and presto everything was right in the world. also check to make sure that the pulley is not slipping on the shaft on the motor as this can also cause this behavior.

It looks as if you are losing steps on your y axis. Given that there is no y axis movement after a certain point, Id venture to say that you are overheating the y-axis driver/s. Maybe try dialing back the potentiometer to see if it runs longer before losing function.

Try to run the same carve with bit size 1/16" entered into Easel. (without changing actual bit)
What happens now?

I had the same thing happen with my first cut as well. Do what Phil said, increase the font size.