Carve stops, light pulsating

I’ve had, three times in the last week, the Carvey stops carving (though Easel thinks it’s still going) and the light pulses on and off. Have to restart the machine to get it to respond to anything. Anybody seen this?


The light on the button or the light on the spindle?
Does it just freeze or does it go to it’s parking position?

Or, sorry - the interior white light. Button light doesn’t change, spindle stays in place, doesn’t home.

That’s weird. Maybe a power supply issue?
Could the fan on your power supply be full of dust? Try giving it a good cleaning.

@JoshuaGates Any progress on the Carvey?

Vacuumed everything out really well. It hasn’t done it again, but it only did it intermittently. There wasn’t any buildup of dust in the power supply that I could see.