Carve stops when browser closes?

Hey guys, new user here. Two weeks ago I was running a simple cut file, a shamrock. 80% into the cut, the x-carve stopped when closed my laptop screen. It was a disaster from there, when I restarted the file, the router plunged into the work, penetrating the wood with the collar of the Dewalt router, leaving me a 1" burnt hole in the project. BIG RED BUTTON was then activated.

Today, similar thing. Very detailed V-Carve cut, about 25% into it and I look up and the machine returned home. I check my laptop and a new page had opened and easel was closed. I reopened easel, homed the machine, deleted what it had already cut, and hit carve, hoping it would pick up where it left off. The pathway was about 1/8th” off…so I stopped it and threw out that piece. Is this common? I’m using an updated Chrome as my browser.

The browser needs to remain open at all times during a carve. After a red button event, you need to home your machine and then re-establish the XYZ zero point (unless you saved that location by issuing a G28.1 or G30.1, but that’s for another discussion if you’re new ;).

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G28 and G30 is stored as an offset relative to Machine Zero
Work Zero is stored in the same way, as an offset - which also is stored in EPROM and will not change until a new work zero is assigned. So there is no need to use G28/G30 to save a “work zero”.

There are situations where G28/G30 do provide efficiency - but its not a requirement at all.

  • Home machine
  • Set work zero
  • Carve
  • Red button event
  • Re-home
  • Carve using “Previous home position” instead of re-establish work zero again
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