Carve with Easel or not

Hi to all!

Usual thing to start topic here - I’m new in all that carving technology :slight_smile:

I make some test projects with X-Carve, trying to use Easel in the beginning, but I still need to make a project picture and using now some drawing software (for me that is easier) and then import that to Easel, and then - carve.
Also I’m learning to work with Aspire - more options than Easel, but …
Easel still is needed to care anything.

As I understand - for carving, some use Easel, some use other software to send SVG, or G-Code (not for project developing, but for Carving).

So, question is - what advantages gives other G-Code carving software than Easel (first of all - that is free)? (or Easel only minus is that you should be connected to Internet).

PS. … or, probably, I moving totally in wrong direction, and I could cut projects directly from Aspire ?

I always recommend that you try all your options and see which one you like or suits your needs best. for some projects I use Easel as it is very easy to use and really does a great job. for others I use Inkscape then UGS (i.e. laser work etc.) and others I have used Bcnc for the auto-level feature (engraving logo on AR-15) which was not level and I only had one try to get it perfect. so there really is no easy answer but there is several great options.

P.S. I use Linux on a Raspberry Pi 3 with the X-Carve so there is that also.

While I have designed things in Easel, the only project I have done in Easel from start to finish was my initial test carve. After that I started using PicSender.


can you design in PicSender? I thought it was only a g-code sender like UGS.

Is PicSender free ?
Will check this software in two days. :slight_smile:

I agree. Picsender is worth every penny. Eventually I will be purchasing Picengraver Pro.

Could be but those of use using Linux or Mac it serves no purpose. However UGS can run on all three. never have tried it due to the Windows only constraint.

I’m working with MAC, so some restriction have place.
Will try UGS then.