Carve with Vcarve?

I lost internet connection etc, however, I do have Vcarve. Can I design and cut straight off Vcarve or what i have to save design and go through easel?

Easel require internet access for saving/opening designs.
Universal Gcode Sender (UGS) dont need internet, as do others.

You can carve directly from Vcarve by using the VTransfer sender program.
I have not used it so cannot comment further, but searching for Vtransfer here will give you some pointers I recon.


Ok Thank you°

VTransfer is dire, use UGS or some say better, picsender.

Design in Vcarve, export gcode. Open UGS, setup bit location, z height etc, open gcode file and send.

Perfect solution with no internet requirement.

Thank you sir!!!