Carve X/Y Coordinate System GRBL question

In GRBL you can set a coordinate system by using $28 and $28.1, what is easel doing when you zero the X,Y before a carve?

Say you accidentally jog or home the machine, how can you get back to 0,0 from the previous carve?

So easel doesn’t actually save it to the grbl the way that using G28 or G30 would do instead it’s stored in the browser, so when you accidentally move the machine, you can go ahead and click the carve button and then select “use last” for X,Y and will use those prior work zeros.

However, if you close the browser, then those coordinates are lost.

If instead you decide to setup G28 or G30 then those coordinates are not lost since they are saved on the cnc controller itself.

Ack, thanks Seth.

Work zero is saved on the controller as well (just like G28 & G30). Once work zero is set, it will not change unless you change it or get a new controller.

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