Carved clocks

made a few clocks


Yep, those are real nice!

aspire, 6mm end and 6mm 20° V bit, feed rates varied

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Very nice. I like the clock hands too. Where did you get the hands and movement?


got the hands and clock mechanisms from ebay


got them a few years back and only just getting round to using them so I wouldn’t have a clue now, but there are quite a few dealers on ebay selling them

Thank you Phil.

1 Like and both sell the mechanism while allowing you to select from a variety of hands.

Clock specifically notes American made mechanisms if that is important for you. Klockit has a very select type of American made mechanism, I think using a larger battery than AA which is discouraging for me.

Thanks justin.

Wow. Very nice.
Good job.
I am going to be doing some clocks too. Just working out the kinks in my system.
Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:
Keep up the nice work.