Carvey 3d handle 2 inch thick aluminum?

I have a project where I need to carve a 2- 2/12 in thick aluminum.
Has anyone ever tried to carve anything that thick on a Carvey 3d?
If so how was the quality?
Would a X-carve be more suited for this task?
Thanks in advance!

As long as it can fit on the bed and you have long enough endmills it is possible. In fact a Carvey would probably be better because I imagine it would be stiffer due to smaller X/Y spans. THat said, 2 inch is extreme imho. It will take a lot of time. Really, a lot, and with metal you can’t leave your machine for even a minute.

Just know that slotting deep is not the same as cutting 2mm plate. Once you get to a certain depth you need to clear chips CONSTANTLY! Another option is to slot extra width so chips have a way to go but that too has its issues.

Did I mention it will take a long time? :wink:

Cutting all the way through?
That’s a tall task for a Carvey.

Probably not all the way through but a good amount

Try it in wood first.

Also, if you can cut your stock close to the finished shape with a bandsaw, you might be able to get the last of it with the Carvey.

You might also use the forum to find someone in your area with a more capable machine. Some of us run other machines.

What is your experience with 1 inch aluminum? Is it much more doable?

Thickest I’ve done is 1/2"

what exactly are you trying to make?

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Trying to design my own tools specialized for a project I am working on. I suspect some tools I am trying to carve out can reach up to an inch or more. But I can scale it back to about an inch