Carvey bit is over shooting a square

I’m trying to make square divets with 1/8 inch bit and I’m using the default Carvey settings. Every time it is over shooting the square on one side! How can I get it to make a regular square?

It is due to machine flexing.

When plunging there is “no” sideway force applied to the bit, when it start cutting X/Y there is a sideway force => causing it to slightly deviate.

Try and compare with depth per pass set to half of previous rate and see if there is a difference.

I agree with Haldor and bet that over run is where the plunge move is made.
Reducing depth per pass should help.
Easel design only does straight down plunges so there will always be some so called “dwell marks” this can be avoided if you have CAM that offers ramped plunges such as Vectric.

@JodiDudek What are your carve settings?

In this project, these were the settings

Feed rate: 40in/Min
Plunge rate 12 in/min
Depth per pass 0.03 in

So then I changed it to be

Feed rate: 30in/Min
Plunge rate 12 in/min
Depth per pass 0.02in

It actually made the project worse!! IMG_6355|375x500

I tried lowering depth per pass and look at the picture I posted below in another comment. The squares seem worse. Not sure what to do.

Were the “squares” in the retry supposed to be in a grid pattern as well?

No I actually just copied and pasted from the grid just to try the other setting.

Can you share your project?
Can you put the endmill further into the collet?

Your system isn’t rigid for the load you are putting on it - bottom line.
Bit quality / tool stickup is also a part of your system.

plunge from the inside, cut outwards, Keep your stepover under 45°.

Have you checked that you gantry has no play? I have a Shapeoko so it is a bit different but I’ve had a similar problem when the wheels were not tight. If everything is not secure, you will have play and the bit will move.

This is a Carvey thread, so it should work out of the box. No wheels.