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Carvey can't home

I can move both while the machine is on, friction seems about the same. If anything it’s a little harder to slide the X than the Y.

Have you tried swapping X&Y connections on the controller? Make sure the power is off when you do the swap.

I have not tried this, but it is my next step. Do I swap the connections inside this rectangular box that’s mounted inside the rear compartment? I can see where the electrical connect to the X motor but the only leads that go towards the wasteboard connect to the smart clamp.

I have been busy away from computers and machines. If you can’t sorry out which connections to swap on the controller, let me know. I’ll open up Carvey tomorrow and get back to you.

I’ve got the control box opened up, and I think I have identified the 3 connections for the motors, but there is no indication of which motor each one controls.image1 (2)

If anyone knows which is the Y and which is the X I can swap them and test to see if the X driver is shot. I’m hesitant to disconnect anything without knowing for certain what it is though.

Yours is a bit different than mine (where’s the power supply?), but:
Only disconnect or connect & Swap them when the power is off. Power back on and try your jog commands.

While you’re in there, hit that with some air pressure to clean it off some.

OK so with those connectors stopped I can jog the X axis, so the stepper motor is fine and the Y driver is fine.

Does this mean there is a component or driver issue with the X control?

Most likely. Have you contacted Inventables?

I emailed their support yesterday, haven’t heard back yet but hopefully soon. I imagine I’ll have to have a replacement part or parts shipped out here. It’s not the solution I was hoping for but you can’t win them all.

Thanks a lot for the help diagnosing this issue, nice to have a supportive and interested community.

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Update the thread when they get back to you. I’m curious why a driver might’ve blown (if that ends up being their conclusion as well).