Carvey for milling/engraving Precious metals?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been trying to find definitive answers as to the ability of Carvey to machine materials such as Gold and Silver, the material will be annealed so will be nice and soft.

My intention is to use the machine for custom jewellery production, so the ability to both cut the material to shape and add basic, quite intricate (if possible) initial engravings to be hand finished afterwards would be a huge plus to our little business.

Is anyone using a Carvey for this type of work that would be able to share their results/experiences? Or do the regular Carvey users have any information they’d like to pass across?

Many thanks from the rainy UK.

You’d need a machine dedicated exclusively to it or the contamination would ruin it…and waste would be insane. As a jeweler I can say pretty definitively unless it’s just making molds you won’t make money at it that way

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