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Carvey is milling too deep on first pass

Hi, my Carvey is milling too deep on the first initial pass. I have triple checked the material thickness settings and everything but it continues to mill too deep into the material. Before milling it touches the button on the smart clamp which I thought was supposed to zero the Z-axis, but it doesn’t appear to be working.

What am I doing wrong?!

The X-Carve needs to be calibrated on all axis so when told to move a certain distance, it moves that exact distance. I suspect the Carvey also has such a need? Not quite sure since I don’t have one.

I had this happen when the smart clamp sensor started failing. Rather than “kissing” the smart clamp button, the zero process really depressed the little silver button all the way down. If this happens, you’ll probably need to contact support. They sent me a new smart clamp. (new design is less prone to fail).

If it is just “kissing” the smart clamp button and you’re cutting too deep, can you run some tests and determine if it is a constant error? Try a few small pockets with different depths, making sure that each try is a new project with it’s own zero. If you can find a constant factor, contact support with the info and they can send an offset to your machine to correct the problem.

How much deeper than expected is the first pass?
Ease up on how tight the “Smart” clamp is.

Have the same problem, firs pass going to deep. My Carvey is brand new. I use Fusion 360 for my project. Can someone help me to fix this problem.

Same question and initial advice.

Most likely due to stock Top Offset height which is set to (default) 1mm.

Right-click your Setup, choose Edit and in the Stock pane set Z to zero (or raise your work zero position 1mm higher)

I have been struggling with this problem for the last week. I have cleaned the Carvey Smart Clamp, eased up on how tight the “Smart” clamp is @NeilFerreri1. But the Carvey is always going too deep on the first pass.

Any advice on what to do to address this issue?

We can guess, but can you share CAM-file and/or gcode file?

I’ve had similar issues. I used Fusion 360 export with the Gcode, and I also used Easel to draw the same things. Same problem both times. It seems like it’s zeroing too high. I’m going to keep running tests…