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Carvey No longer Available?

So when did they stop selling/offering Carvey? Is there a new machine coming out? are they just out of stock?

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Carvey was mostly sold to schools and that fad has in many ways moved on. Wise to discontinue a product you’re really not selling much of.

@Traxxtar Do you have a source for any of that info?

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Source for discontinuing Carvey? You answered that above.

After reading these forums for a few years, it’s not hard to discern that the Carvey was primarily used for the education market and the XCarve for consumers/hobbyists/small business. And why else would you not discontinue any product if you’re not selling it well?

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Had hopes there’d be something new/upgraded.

Hoping for something new eh? How about an XCarve with linear drives instead of belts?! And…a linear upgrade for existing XCs. I know people sell kits for this, but Inventables could do it too.

I’m talking about a Carvey-style machine. Maybe ballscrew driven with a more powerful spindle. Still enclosed.
I know people will point at the Nomad from Carbide3D, but this was about wondering why Inventables discontinued the Carvey.