Carvey Not Homing


We just received our Carvey in the mail today. I took it out and followed all the instructions to do the test carving but it is not working. I get a failure to home error and I see no debris or anything interfering with movement.

Looks like the table will move on the Y-axis. The spindle moves up and down on the Z - axis but the X-Axis is moving the spindle.

Can someone please help.

Your best and most accurate answers will come from Inventables support team. They are very quick to respond and are very helpful and supportive. They have your back.

When you say the X axis is moving the spindle, can you explain more?

The x-axis that the spindle is attached too is not moving at all/. Spoke to Griffin via phone even entering the G code directly gets no response. I think it has been escalated. Sounds like the electronics are bad. Hoping we can get it fixed tomorrow vs. having a new one shipped to me.