Carvey settings for GWizard

I am trying to use Gwizard to make sure I’m using my Carvey safely and efficiently, but I’m very new to CNC, and I don’t know how to configure the settings. More specifically, I can’t find any information on the spindle besides min/max RPM and wattage. I’ve attached a screenshot of the GWizard settings. If anyone can point me in the right direction to find this info I would greatly appreciate it.

I’m in the same boat. There is very little information available to use the G-code sender efficiently.

I am estimating the following parameters:
300w (0.4023 hp)

Peak Free speed: 12000 rpm

From here I am making the assumption that the spindle motor behaves like a typical DC brush-less motor. High efficiency is assumed to be about 87.5% of free speed and 0.125% of stall torque.

Torque at peak power:
1.061977 in*lbf

Torque at high efficiency:
.265494 in*lbf

I have successfully used feeds as high as 60in/min in the xy plane. I am generally gentle in the Z plane and keep things under 15 in/min. I never initiate a plunge cut with a mill. This was cutting oak with a 0.030 depth of cut and an 50% step over with a 0.125 up cut mill.

I would guess XY rapid is between 200 in/min and 500 in/min

I have not performed a cut at these parameters to verify that the settings are even remotely close.

Use this info with caution, YMMV.

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