Carvey: The bit started drilling into the smart clamp button

Before a cut, the Carvey would touch the smart clamp button and start the motor before moving away. The bit started drilling into the smart clamp button, damaging the button. What can be done about this? Thanks.

Can you share the project?

Contact support. Replacing the button will be easy, but that shouldn’t happen.

I’m curious if there was some recent software change. Mine also began hitting the smart clamp in certain situations. Didn’t hit the button, but chewed into the clamp before I could stop it.

What situations?

It’s been a few days, but as I remember, I was carving a pocket that was within the “L” of the smart clamp. I had allowed .7" clearance, but it still zero’d on the smart clamp and promptly began to chew up the smart clamp. Tried it a couple of times with the same result. I ended up just moving the pocket to fully clear the smart clamp’s area. I needed the project done and didn’t really followup and troubleshoot.