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Carvey Tool Files to upload to Fusion 360

Hi Everyone,

I’ve owned the Carvey for a few years and am just now getting into some cuts with it as I have time. I see that there is a gentleman that has a file for all the bits, but the rpms are based off of the x-carves DeWalt spindle. I can’t find any information on the Carvey’s spindle speed or if someone already has a downloadable file for the Carvey’s tool files? I even tried google and so far I feel that the spindle speed of the Carvey is 12000… but I’m not sure? This is just information that I looked at through numerous people just doing trial cuts at this rate and stating it is fine. I just want to make sure before starting to do some relief cuts on small pieces. Any information helps! I was also wondering if anyone had the specifications on the collet size?

Thank you Everyone!

I’m an X-Carve owner and don’t know anything about the Carvey, so forgive me… Is the spindle speed on Carvey variable?

If not, the spindle speeds in the F360 tool settings can effectively be ignored. The important parameters are the bit types and measurements, and to an extent, the default feed/ramp/plunge speeds (all of those can easily be modified when you’re setting up your cuts in F360).

The Carvey can do a variable spindle speed up to 12000rpm.
The collet is an ER11.

Thank you for the Information cg49me!

Thanks for the collet information NeilFerreri1! I just started to use the F360 CAM and wanted to do some test cuts, but wanted to make sure that the spindle speeds, bits, and collet were correct.