CARVEY usb controller with Z axis

Hi There
I am planning to buy a Carvey and I have some questions.

  1. Is Easel the only controller? Easel imports only SVG, right? Since you can’t control the Z axis with an SVG file, Carvey would basically function as a cutting machine.

  2. Can you control Carvey with Mach3 via usb?

  3. What usb controller with other than Easel do you suggest?

Thanks in advanced

You can control Z axis with an SVG by adjust the color between black and white - see this project that Inventables did that demonstrates the use of grey scale in SVG for controlling depth.

Easel will be the only interface, but you will be able to import G-Code from other CAM programs (like Mach3 does) into Easel. This is a feature that Easel does not currently have, but will be in place by the time Carvey ships.


Thats is great news !

Interesting, but that solution has limitations.

Are you planning to visualize the g-code?

@DiegoMonzon What limitation are you concerned about?

Sorry , the limitations are about MichaelSchafer solution .