Carvey Work Area

Continuing the discussion from [new feature] Larger work area support:

I saw a couple of posts here about the work area being able to be larger than the default.
This doesn’t seem to be true for the Carvey though.
And I don’t understand why my “grid” (work area?) on Easel is smaller (11.6"?) than the dotted line (12").
I want to make a cut at 12" so why can’t I do that?!

Also related, it is very difficult to make a cut or a drawing on the edge of the work area because Easel won’t start carving if there is any path even slightly outside the work area. This makes sense, but why couldn’t we simply place our objects wherever we want, and at carving (/computing paths) time, it warns that there are objects outside the area and it crops everything at the boundaries?
This would be such a useful feature for me!

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