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Carvey's X-axis - homing

Carvey worked fine last night. Tonight I tried a carve and it won't home. Y seems to work ok, but X-axis moves to far left corner and it appears not to trip the switch. Carriage just keeps "thumping", like it's trying to move, but can't. I assume the belt is moving but the carriage is all the way to the left.

I don't see anything on Carvey X-axis homing issues in the manual or in messages. Will try tomorrow to see if customer service can help, but thought I'd ask here to see if I'm missing something or if anyone has a solution.


Hello George,

Sorry to hear about your dilemma. I hope it gets sorted out for you as I know how much you enjoy working with your Carvey.

OK, it was a PICNIC error.
I went through everything from scratch and found that a hold-down clamp slightly overhung the back of the platform. Kept the machine from zero-ing. head slap.

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Problem in Chair, not in computer (or in this case, Carvey)


I see this post is old but my 4 week old Carvey is doing this same thing. I have tried everything. I took the waste board, table and center floor out (no clamps to be found) and it still THUMPS as if the switch is not triggering. I am at a loss. I have seen some good reviews on this forum about customer service. My requests seem to go unanswered unless I pester constantly… :frowning:

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!