Carving a book

Hey folks, I am wondering if anyone has tried carving an old book. I am wondering if I might be able to use the carvey to cut words into a book; sort of like the ‘folded’ book pages you might have seen. I know I’m limited by the thickness of the book, but I am curious if anyone has tried. it. I will give it a go and let you all know.

When you say “book” do you mean like the video demo below shows or do you want to engrave on a real book?

No, I meant something more like this:


I have never tried to cut paper, but I really do not think it would go well. The tool would be much more likely to rip the paper than cut it (in my opinion). But I guess until you try you will never know.

one question I have, are the pages glued together or still loose?

Would make a huge difference if the book is just glued shut and basically a block.

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That is a good point, if the pages were glued together then it would carve like a block of wood.

although that much glue wouldn’t really benefit tool life I think. May depend on what glue.

Anyway this is unexplored territory clearly. As Allen says, only one way to know.

Don’t hesitate to post your experience if you try it!