Carving a Lake

So I am trying to carve a sign for my father in law. He has a finish cabin at Sardis Lake, MS.
I have found plenty of images of the lake, but I want to carve the lake, with different depths and the surrounding roads. Using easel. any input on how to do this

Free Easel is real meant for 2.5D. Sounds like this would be more of a 3D carve. Depending on your finished size Vetric Desktop is a great solution for that. Desktop has a size limitation it will carve.

if you dont care which parts of the lake are deeper. try the offsetter app and adjust the depths of each offset to your preference

Hi Andrew!

I made an example project using the svg of Lake Michigan from wiki-commons and published it here :

Lake Michigan Preview

Here is what I did to get that look:

  1. import svg via SVG Import
  2. Select imported graphic
  3. Go to Apps -> Offsetter v2 by Inventables
  4. select the number of iterations (levels of depth; I did 5 in my example project. It will be limited by the size of each iteration and the size of the graphic)
  5. check inverse so the iterations go inward and not outward
  6. select the outer most layer and change it from a clear path cut to a cut outside
  7. Work your way inward selecting each “ring” and lowering the depth until you are happy with the preview