Carving a negative with Meshcam on X-carve?

Howdy y’all,

I’m interested in creating a negative mold for a preliminary resin cast out of machinable wax with my x-carve. I’ve created a model, essentially a 10.5 x 6.25 block that has the model part I need taken out of the top. My question is, can I set Meshcam, or any software, to only carve out the negative space in the wax, without wanting to carve down onto either side of the block?

This is the first model that I’m doing this way, and my frist time generating a gcode for something other than a 3D printer, so any help or advice is appreciated. Thank you all!

What program are you using to make the model. Usually when I want to make a negative I would make it from the model in Solidworks or Fusion 360 or even Zbrush

It’s Solidworks!~

There are a ton of tutorials on youtube here’s one to get you started, after you create the mold just export it as a .stl and you can bring it into Meshcam (I believe you said that’s your method of choice) or you can create your toolpaths from hsmexpress in solidworks a free cam add-on

Ah, I appreciate that, but my original question was asking about carving down the sides of the model. For instance, if I create a negative that is essentially a block with the negative mold on the top surface of it, Meshcam will want to generate a path that will carve down the entire side of the block, treating it, of course, like a part of the model to be cut out. Cutting out the negative/top surface is proving alright, it’s getting it to skip carving down onto either side that’s proving difficult, because that eats into the supporting machineable wax. Is this possible?