Carving a radius in the BOTTOM tray segments

I am totally new to CNC routers and I’m looking for some direction. The image is not mine, it’s just here for visual reference. I’m looking to carve an EDC/Dump Tray with multiple segments. I want the edges in the bottom of each segment to be curved like the example and not squared off. Any help would be outstanding!

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Hi Mark, welcome to the forum!

A bowl / Tray Bit would be preferred for this in order to get both a flat bottom and a radiused bottom edge.

You could do it with a Box Core Bit but you’d have to setup the stepovers and stepdowns and finishing toolpath and that’s not the easiest to explain using easel.

A Bowl/Tray Bit was used in the making of this tray


That’s awesome! Thanks so much @SethCNC

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